Vaping and Acne | Does It Cause Acne? | How To Prevent It?

Vaping and Acne | Does It Cause Acne? | How To Prevent It?


Let’s talk vaping and how it affects your skin. Does it cause acne, ageing etc.?

Let’s find out.

The Effects Of Vaping

So, we know that vaping is often considered a safer alternative to smoking, although there is a lack of research currently on the long-term health impacts of vaping. But how does it affect your skin?

Well, dehydration is the biggest factor here, both nicotine and propylene glycol in the e-liquids can contribute to this. This dehydration can lead to premature ageing but also it can cause the skin to produce more sebum/skin oil to compensate for this which can lead to more blocked pores and more acne.

The issue is that users can often believe vaping is improving their skin because it has a dryer effect, but in the longer term this could cause more breakouts.

Best Treatment?

If you choose to continue vaping anyway, this is completely your decision but I would highly recommend that you use products that not only provide non-comedogenic oils to replace skin oil but ones that also provide hydration to counteract the vaping.

Aqneeq works great for this purpose as it not only has the highest quality oils but also hydrating ingredients which is less common for products.

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