Top 5 Tips to Treat Scalp/Hairline Acne

Top 5 Tips to Treat Scalp/Hairline Acne


Are you finding yourself getting acne on your neck or scalp hairline like above? Some people tend to get these, particularly after shaving or a haircut. We’ll talk through the causes and how to treat them.


Now the most common cause is irritation and bacteria, usually introduced in the form of haircuts, particularly ones that are very short like skin fades or from close shaving. The second most common reason is using comedogenic or pore-clogging products like conditioners and hair waxes. The third reason is using heavily fragranced products as this causes irritation in some individuals.


So, what’s the best way to treat it? Well, I’d suggest the following top 5 tips to treat scalp or hairline acne pimples:

  • Use a good quality non-comedogenic aftershave balm and/or acne treatment – This is to be used after a haircut or shave. You can see this barber at Shadow gallery barbershop using the Aqneeq Treatment Gel and Moisturiser after a shave to take down the redness, kill acne bacteria to prevent rashes and pimples. This is probably the best as it’s an aftershave balm and acne treatment in one but an antibiotic gel or retinoid are also good options.
Barber using Aqneeq Treatment GelBarber applying Aqneeq Treatment Gel
  • Ask your barber to clean their clippers – This barber always does this but make sure your barber cleans their clippers of oils and bacteria, otherwise, it will be bad news!
  • Avoid conditioner – I would avoid conditioner for a while to see how you do, this may reduce breakouts
  • Check any hair product ingredients – You can check your product’s ingredients on my website to check if they will clog pores.
  • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Some people’s acne is fungal and this could help.
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