Should You Go to a Dr for Acne? | Why This Can Be a Bad Decision!

Should You Go to a Dr for Acne? | Why This Can Be a Bad Decision!


Stop going to a GP doctor for acne! This may sound against conventional wisdom and usual practice, but I know for myself and the majority of people that when we get acne we usually go to a GP doctor first, now in terms of getting prescription treatments, this is naturally needed.


But, I have a few reservations about doing this. Firstly, dermatologists who are much more fitting to discuss skin issues with still only spend about 2% of their degree studying time on acne, so how much time do you think is spent by GP doctors?

Second, there is no real follow-up anymore, the GP is unlikely to follow up with you in terms of how the treatment is working for you, or the side effects you’re experiencing. In terms of actually how to use the products or what products to use with them is very unlikely to even be advised either.

What Should You Do?

I would either recommend that you speak to a dermatologist who specialises in acne treatment or acne experts who have done extensive research.

At Aqneeq we are acne experts. We specialise in acne treatment and I myself have studied it for over 13 years, with our treatment we monitor you throughout and do a free consultation with you to give personalised treatment. The products have also been perfected based on real-world experience and scientific research. We can give the best results with less side effects.

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