Is Black Skincare Lacking?

Is Black Skincare Lacking?


I find it very interesting that black beauty brands only make up around 2.5%, yet black consumers are responsible for 11.1% of total beauty spending. Black consumers are also 3x more likely to be dissatisfied than non-black consumers. This is shocking.

Our Findings

I came across this when I was starting my own skincare brand and when I asked black individuals I knew, they echoed the fact that they felt there wasn’t enough on offer, they are overcharged and underserved. When I asked them what products they used I was disappointed with how poor quality the products on offer were, ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil were common, which are highly comedogenic ingredients which will block pores and make the skin very greasy.

Black Skincare Support

I would encourage black men and women to use my ingredients list to check their products for their quality. I would also like to see more brands cater to the black audience, and provide better quality products.

If you’re still stuck, I have actively served several black customers with great success, and I originally designed the products to work with darker skin as well. They stop flakiness with a high level of hydration and high quality oils, but do not use greasy oils, so skin can look smooth but mattified.

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