How To Treat Hair Loss. The 3 Best Treatments!

How To Treat Hair Loss. The 3 Best Treatments!


Let’s talk hair loss. So, for a lot of us men, some hair loss is pretty much inevitable, it’s more a question of when than if.

Well, I feel if you would like to keep your hair for longer this is completely understandable and there are ways you can do this, as men we just don’t unfortunately have as much information on this topic put in front of us.


Most hair loss in men is largely due to a genetic androgenic response (which refers to our body’s reaction to male hormones) and also stress. So, I’ll talk about these. 

Firstly, when it comes to hormonal factors it is largely the DHT hormone (a high-strength male hormone) that drives this hair loss. Our genetics dictate how much our hair follicles react to this hormone.


Two of the most common treatments are finasteride and minoxidil. Finasteride works by reducing the levels of DHT in the blood which can quite strongly stop androgenic-related balding. Minoxidil is in products like Regaine and it works by increasing blood flow and stimulating the hair follicles into the growth phase.

If your hair loss is due to stress, however, making lifestyle changes will have a better effect. There are also some anecdotal reports of natural products like rosemary oil restoring hair for some people and looking at one study of 100 people found similar effectiveness to minoxidil. This supposedly works by also increasing blood flow to the scalp. Remember Aqneeq also contains a number of anti-inflammatory ingredients which will help with hair loss from inflammation.

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