How To Treat Buttne

How To Treat Buttne


Are you getting acne on your buttocks like this?

Butt acne. Buttne

These breakouts have been termed “buttne”. This is a lot more common than people initially believe.

Is Yours Acne?

So firstly, are those bumps on your butt actually acne? The likelihood is yes acne is likely, but it could be other conditions like folliculitis etc. so make sure you do your research or consult a dermatologist to find out which one you’re battling. 


So these acne lesions are caused in the same fashion as other locations like the chest and face from excessive skin oil production and clogged pores. But the nature of the location of this on the body means that more irritation is likely to occur which can exacerbate it.


Now, how do we treat it? Firstly, I have found that Aqneeq works really well for all types of pimples in this area due to its anti-inflammatory nature. I have had a lot of customers who have completely cleared this area.

Secondly, you will want an exfoliant like glycolic acid (don’t use a scrub) to remove dead skin cells. Thirdly you want to ensure you use an oil like jojoba oil which will reduce friction. Lastly, you want to use soft materials for your trousers and underwear like cotton, don’t use materials like polyester as this will irritate the area more. 

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