How To Prevent Acne Scarring From Anabolic Steroids

How To Prevent Acne Scarring From Anabolic Steroids


Getting acne while using anabolics is a very common side effect. It occurs in about 50% of users. But I’m going to teach you how you can prevent this as well as scarring like this as a result. Now, this guy clearly has had a very strong reaction and unfortunately has a strong genetic predisposition for keloid scarring:

Keloid scarring from anabolic steroids. Credit to @davehartrey on TikTok.
Source: @davehartrey TikTok

I also have keloid scarring I’ve treated on my chest which I got from acne at a time when I wasn’t as educated on this. But this can be prevented. So, let’s talk through the best practices, obviously outside of not doing anabolics.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and as such please always consult a medical professional. I also advise you to work within the boundaries of the law. 

Best Practices

Firstly, you need to really reduce the number of sharp spikes in drug levels in the blood. So, this means using longer ester sources with longer absorption rates. You can google for these. You’ll also want to have a daily administration frequency to reduce spikes.

Second, you need a strong skincare routine, you can find instructions in my bio, but you’ll need to use high-quality non-comedogenic products like Aqneeq, tretinoin or other retinoids. But you need to use this on your body as you do with your face. The majority of you won’t need isotretinoin, don’t harm your organs even more with this.

Thirdly you need to shower more and change sheets and clothes more, your skin will be much oilier than normal, so I’d recommend showering twice a day and straight after working out.

Fourth, start at a lower dose, too many guys are just setting out cycles and jumping into the deep end, you can often achieve similar results with a lower dose. Always remember to use the minimum effective dose.


Lastly, you can contact me for help, I will always try to help everyone I can. Even if you don’t think Aqneeq is the right fit for you, I’ll advise where I can!


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