How I Cured My Acne Forever | My Acne Treatment Story

How I Cured My Acne Forever | My Acne Treatment Story

The Beginning

I’m going to tell you the story of my skin going from left to right.

So, when I was around 13 I woke up and looked in the mirror and I started seeing these blackheads in my nose which I used Clearasil blackhead pads for and this did nothing. A week later I started getting whiteheads on my forehead quite quickly.

The First Treatment

I then went to the doctors, and they prescribed me benzoyl peroxide/duac and oral antibiotics. This helped clear up my skin but the cream dyed my pillows clothes, hair and eyebrows and my skin became very dry, flaky, red and sore. The antibiotics also stopped working after around 3 months and destroyed my gut bacteria.

Taking Real Action

So with my beetroot-looking face and destroyed gut bacteria, I decided I needed to do my research on acne. I read up on acne as a condition for around 3 hours a day, every study, every forum and every success story.

I came across several ingredients like tea tree oil which if used at a 5% concentration would treat acne to the same extent as benzoyl peroxide but without the side effects. Also, jojoba oil is very chemically similar to skin oil but doesn’t clog pores so it can “trick” the skin into producing less oil and blocking pores less.

I started mixing the most effective ingredients based on experimentation with my skin and the science and this began to completely clear my skin without the side effects I was getting, my skin looked so much healthier.

Creating Aqneeq

I then did the same for my family and friends and they had the same results, so I went to a manufacturer and they helped me craft the Aqneeq products which we consistently tested and this has now helped an abundance of people.

So, if you’d like to finally cure your acne without the side effects of other products then you can sign up for our subscription plan for 38% off, we guarantee better skin or your money back!

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